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"Indigenous Woman": The Project Critiquing Colonialism


Artist Martine Guitierrez’s latest project, Indigenous Woman, contains an issue from a fictional magazine (similar in design to that of a fashion magazine of today). Guitierrez not only photographed the images, she styled the shoots, posed as the subject, and designed the forty-six paged layout. Her photographs support her indigenous pride and critique the effects of colonialism. Parts of her work blends iconic photographs (like Mario Sorrenti’s Calvin Klein Obsession perfume) with her own personal vision and aesthetic. Throughout the issue, a strong sense of identity and view of what it means to be an indigenous woman today are conveyed.

For Further Reading:

Look through Martine Guitierrez’s Indigenous Woman photographs on Ryan Lee Gallery’s website.


Discussion Question:

Guitierrez had total control in every aspect of this project. How do you think this would be different if there was another gaze (one that was not indigenous or women)?


Action Item:

Look at an advertisement or photograph that stands out to you or is iconic. Now reimagine how that would look if you fused your own identity in there.


Read more on The New Yorker | Image: Demons, Xochiquetzal ‘Flower Quetzal Feather'.” Photographs by Martine Gutierrez / Courtesy Ryan Lee Gallery

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