Indonesian Event Explores Feminism in Islam


The first of a series of events, collectively named Xpedisi Feminis, took place in Cirebon, Indonesia last week. The location was chosen as it is known to be the entry point of Islam into Indonesia centuries ago, and is therefore an apt spot to explore the modern narrative of Islam from a feminist perspective. 23 people took part, including NGO activists, journalists, and housewives. The discussion centered on interpretations of the Quran and Islamic teachings that emphasize gender equality, as well as methods for reinterpreting concepts that no longer suit modern gender roles. Fostering communication to find solutions for communities plays a vital part in continuing inclusivity in the long-term.



For Further Reading:

To find out more about this topic, have a look at this global organization which tackles some similar issues:


Discussion Question:

What other traditional, long-standing systems might need re-evaluating to survive in modern society?


Action Item:

If you’re not educated on Islam, find out a bit more about Islamic culture, either through independent research or talking to someone you know. If you are Muslim or already know a lot about it, consider opening up discussion with someone who knows less. Educating yourself and others about backgrounds potentially different from yours fosters greater understanding in the long-term.



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