Israeli Women Join Together to Protest Violence & Government Negligence


Thousands of Israeli women joined forces last week to protest the violence that women in the country face and force the government to bring this topic into awareness. Over 50 women’s organizations in Israel brought these women together to bring awareness to the topic, regardless of religion or social status. This issue came into light after it was reported that about 24 women were murdered in Israel by men. The government has chosen to ignore this issue all together, which reflects on the state of patriarchy that Israel current resides in. Many of these women have joined forced to bring this issue into light and force the Israeli government to take action for these murders.

For Further Reading

Click here to learn about the Women’s International Zionist Organization, which was one of the organizations that lead the fight in this protest. Hundred of citizens gathered around the WIZO headquarters to protest the violent injustices that are current happening in Israel.


Discussion Question

How are grassroots movements important to society?

Action Item

Write down these issues in your community that are being ignored.

What is the current state of the topic?

Why is it being ignored?

What can you do to bring awareness?

Remember, people can only be angry about a topic if they get the chance to be informed. Make it your mission to ensure that people have that chance to be furious. Speak up!

Read more on Haaretz | Image: WIZO