Jessica Olie: The Acne Positivity Movement


Acne is often a problem thought to be left behind in your teenage years, but did you know that 25% of women over 30 are still struggling with acne? Many people, both in their teenage years and older, feel completely isolated in their struggle with it, and with social media constantly showing pictures of people airbrushed to perfection, it’s hard to not feel like the only one dealing with breakouts that just won’t end. The societal expectation for clear skin stretches even further into how people are viewed themselves. Studies have shown the correlation between acne and the “nerd” and “junkie” stereotypes, as though there is something wrong, uncool, and even dirty about acne. The reality is though, many very clean, healthy people have hormonal acne that just won’t go away. A new acne positivity movement has begun defying these preconceptions, and many influencers have been transparent about their struggles with their skin. After having a flawless fitness Instagram account for years, Jessica Olie finally posted about how much she struggles with her skin, and since then, her page has been a beacon for acne positivity.

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Why do you think people with acne get bad reputations such as “nerds” or “junkies”? Have you ever discriminated against someone with acne?

Action Item:

Next time you go to airbrush a picture you’re going to put on social media, resist the urge. Maybe someone just as scared to post about their natural skin will see how beautiful you are and be inspired.

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