Journalist Encourages Men To Speak Out For Their Female Friends


Inspired by hearing a man aggressively objectify a female colleague and none of his male colleagues calling him out, journalist Edie Weinstein encourages men to call out their fellows on problematic behaviour. She writes, “Being on the same team or members of the same ‘tribe’ give men a particular leg up on being able to address the verbal violations that take place on a daily is as much an obligation as it would be to stop a robbery in progress, even if by calling 911.” Weinstein particularly advocates for men to speak out in the workplace, but such advice is applicable in all communities and relationships. To achieve true gender parity, the work needs to come from both sides. An equal intergender relationship requires work from both men and women, whether that is between individuals or in society as a whole.

For Further Reading

Find out more about micro and macro aggressions in this article by Michael S. Kimmel.

Discussion Question

Is male action necessary for feminist progression?


Action Item

Ask a man you know if he has ever noticed problematic behavior from other men and if he called it out. Try and find out why or why not, and encourage him to speak out in future.

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