Latina Women "Just Do It"


No matter which sneaker brand you prefer, it is almost impossible to avoid Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. The marketing-tagline-cum-call-to-action just made its debut in Mexico, where the company unveiled its “Juntas Imparables” campaign. Specifically targeting Latin American women, the ad features women running through a traffic jam alongside recognizable Latinx athletes, including gymnast Alexa Moreno and boxer Mariana Juárez. By blending Nike’s signature athleticism with an overall mood of empowerment, this latest installment in Nike’s iconic lineup of campaigns “calls on women to aim for their goals,” on the field and off.


For Further Reading:

While many are celebrating Nike’s latest ad releases, others are not convinced. Read this analysis of the problematic underbelly of the Colin Kaepernick campaign that broke the Internet.



Discussion Question:

How do you feel about a mega-brand like Nike using female empowerment as a commodity in ads?


Action Item:

It’s no secret that women of color are woefully underrepresented in mainstream media. Do some research and see how many of your favorite brands featured WOC in ads over the past couple of seasons.



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