Launch of Feminist Involvement Fair at USC


The Student Assembly for Gender Empowerment (SAGE) at the University of Southern California (USC) launched their fair last week. The event included 42 groups designed to push focus on feminist missions in light of recent scandals at the USC. These ranged from Planned Parenthood to Women in Cinematic Arts. Another notable feature was Expanding Male Engagement in Reproductive and Gender Equity, where student members held placards advocating for increased male participation in birth control. The variety of causes brought together by SAGE USC demonstrates the breadth of interests held by students at the university. Organiser Anya Kushwaha stated that the aim was to create a space for various student organizations to mingle with one another for better cooperation in future.


For Further Reading:

See more of USC SAGE’s work on their website and social links:


Discussion Question:

What feminist groups or communities play an active role in your life?


Action Item:

If you’re a member of a feminist group or organization, student or otherwise, think about other groups that might have underlying similarities with yours. Looking for similarities rather than differences between groups is a key way to create lasting community. Even reach out about opportunities to collaborate if possible (there's strength in numbers)!



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