Law Firms Are Not Protecting Women From Client Based Sexual Harassment


Women in law firms are reporting that a grey line exists with sexual assault committed by clients seeking counsel from law companies. Many women working at these firms note that they are too afraid to report any inappropriate behavior committed by clients because they fear their claims will be overlooked. The article regards how women are put into a position to create new relationships with clients and want to maintain a competitive nature in the law industry. These allegations, they state, could hinder their success and set them behind their male counterparts. From small comments to physical assault, women are still experiencing a “hush hush” attitude about sexual harassment in law workforce and being pushed out of legal work because of the harassment. Efforts to change this have not been spearheaded but a new conversation is arising about this issue between women in law.

For Further Reading

Read this article about sexual assault in law firms to further your understanding of the conflict.

Discussion Question

What can law firms do to create a safe atmosphere for women in their workplace?

Action Item

Reach out to your local law firms and ask about implementing new strategies towards client based sexual assault.

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