Lawmakers Attempt to Fix Wyoming’s Gender Pay Gap


A recent review showed that female citizens of Wyoming earn an average of 32 cents less than their male counterparts, which is the largest pay gap reported in the U.S. The root cause has been disputed, and many believe that women simply aren’t paid enough for their equal labor. Cathy Connolly, a Democratic politician from Wyoming, recently introduced legislation intended to reverse this devastating statistic, improve wage transparency, and implement penalties for employers who do not comply. This bill will hopefully bring about a new era for gender parity in Wyoming and encourage other employers to embrace it as well.

For Further Reading

Click here to read about statistics proving that gender parity is still a serious issue worldwide.


Discussion Question

What do you think will effectively close the gender wage gap in other states similar to Wyoming?


Action Item

If you have a job, ask yourself if you’re being treated fairly and being paid equally. If you’re not, ask for a raise! Working up the nerve to tell your boss, “I deserve more money,” can be daunting, but it can slowly help close the problematic gender wage gap in the U.S.


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