Leah Schrager Looks at Women’s Double Standards Through Digital Art


At the contemporary art fair, Scope, artist Leah Schrager took a deep look into the double standards of social media culture in her display Female Friendly. Mounted side by side from each other, one image is a screenshot from her personal Instagram account of a mirror selfie with a few comments, while the other is from her alter ego, Ona’s Instagram account of her in Calvin Klein underwear with even more comments. The work takes a look at how men respond to women on Instagram and police the way they present themselves. Schrager opens up a conversation about how young women are often shamed for enjoying intimate images of themselves and called demeaning names, but are just as well called prudes for choosing not to have any sexualized content.

For Further Reading

Schrager does other work exploring sexualization and representation in the digital world. Look through her work and explore her alter egos she works through.

Discussion Question

Do you agree that women are called derogatory names for posting sexualized or non-sexualized images of themselves on social media? Have you ever personally experienced this?


Action Item

Go through Schrager’s personal Instagram account  to scroll through some images and read the comments. Then visit her alter ego Ona’s Instagram account and do the same. Do you see any differences or similarities between the commenters? What does this say about the double standard women face

Read more on Quartzy| Image: Courtesy of Leah Schrager