Leandra Medine Repelled By Hedi's Celine


In her latest essay for Man Repeller, trend-setter and thinker Leandra Medine sunk her teeth into Hedi Slimane’s debut at Celine. In the wake of the designer’s skimpy, rock-n-roll collection, Medine mused, it is “impossible…to see a garment without considering the gender of whose mind designed it.” In the era of #MeToo, don’t corporations have a responsibility to promote designers whose work embodies this moment when even the clothes on our backs are political statements? Medine thinks yes, but is quick to point out that this stipulation does not exclude male designers altogether; several, like Raf Simons and Pierpaolo Piccioli, “respect and revere and celebrate” the 2018 woman. The only way to get everyone on board, Medine argues, it to get up, get dressed, and continue the fight.

Further Reading

Leandra Medine was not the only writer with ink to spill over the new Celine: The New Yorker offered a particularly thoughtful take.

Discussion Question

What do you think is the appropriate response to Slimane’s collection? Besides boycotting the brand (which is only an option for the small percentage of individuals who can shop at Celine to begin with), what actionable steps can we take to ensure fashion represents what women want to see?

Action Item

Compare Hedi Slimane’s collection to Phoebe Philo’s last work for Celine, and think about what the gap between their approaches says about how they envision women in today’s world.


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