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Learning to Love Yourself Again When The World Tells You Not To

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This piece is about the process of growth and self-love. Often, young girls fall subject to vulnerability. “The Silent Nightingale” explores the feeling of hopelessness and learning to grow from dark places in one’s life. We are our own greatest love; sometimes it just takes a bit to learn that.

The Silent Nightingale”

She viewed the world as an array of kaleidoscopic colors:

pastel brush strokes of yellow, green, blue.

She was young and always wandering.

He walked into her life as she was still wearing

rose-colored glasses.

She was fluttering around him,

Gentle wings yet not knowing how to fly.

She was fluttering around him,

The butterfly turned moth gray.

She trailed behind him now.

A soft and fragile creature—


She began to lose her voice,

A nightingale gray lover no longer singing:


Lost in the darkness, she cries for help.

Her beautiful song is carried away in echoes by the wind.

A song of agony.

Have you forgotten?

He does not own you, darling.

Looking up and squinting in the sunlight,

she is reminded of the taste of air.

Her past behind her, she takes her first flight–


Condemned to silence for eternity,

the nightingale breaks her chains.

A song within her–

She learns,

always keep singing, my love.


Author: Melanie Rodriguez

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