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Capturing Natural Beauty on a $3 Canon SureShot 38mm Film Camera


From November 2018 to January 2019, I brainstormed, created, and published a photo series titled "We Are Art". It originated as a school project and morphed into a very personal, passionate venture. For school, I researched and wrote a paper about how social media beauty standards is affecting mental health. I learned about terms like "upward social comparison" and the origin of "The Thin Ideal", both terms that have led to damaging beauty standards. After writing my research essay, I created a social media campaign with hashtag #WeAreArt. The campaign had the purpose of starting a conversation about unrealistic beauty standards established my image-based social media platforms like Instagram and VSCO, as well to celebrate our own unique individual beauty. I also held a physical photo gallery in my hometown, Portland, ME, where I sold my photographs, and donated all $500 of the proceeds to a local Portland organization, the Yellow Tulip Project, which raises awareness about mental illness. Check out the campaign at my Instagram (@emmaivy1) and join the movement by following the project on Instagram @emmaivy1.



By Emma Ivy

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