Author’s Note: Learning to push past the boundaries society imposes on women can become an internal battle. As a musician, I chose to compare this inner conflict to the process of writing a new musical composition.

Exploring muffled restlessness

as she sorts through scattered pages,

she attempts to compose the perfect ballad;

instead, she finds herself surrounded by discordant clashes.

As she wanders through the blank staff,

she is immediately greeted by a great enemy:

The Notorious BDB—

Ms. Bold Double Barline.

The tempo of the sharpened pencil, accelerando,


A frustrated slamming of the piano keys echoes through the room.

Her voice does not echo—piano.

She keeps to herself;

longing to push past the barriers.

As her thoughts reach the ultimate crescendo,

she stops.

She shifts.

Black to white.

Dashing across,

black and white—keys.

She combines them both to find

—the kaleidoscopic scope of colors—

found amongst the blended grey;

harmonizing with the melody.