Lesbian Female Priest Paves The Way For Change In Anglican Church


Reverend Andrea Brennan has served as the minister of Christ Church Anglican in Fernie, British Columbia for three years. Not only does her gender make her stand out from the majority of her colleagues, but she is also openly gay. Despite facing some adversity from members of the Church, Brennan speaks about several role models who also encouraged her to seek priesthood. Women have been allowed to be ordained for over twenty years. More change for the Church is also potentially on the horizon; there will be a vote in January 2019 as to whether to allow same-sex marriage. With the inclusion and acceptance of priests such as Brennan, it’s looking positive. She herself hopes for the best and looks forward to a time of even more inclusive religious communities.

Discussion Question

How far can we go in changing tradition to accommodate modern social values without losing religious heritage?

Further Reading

Find out more on the Anglican Church’s General Synod in January 2019, which will see the momentous LGBT+ decision.

Action Item

If you’re a part of any religious groups, consider how inclusive they are. Think about ways that you can create communities for all who want to be there as well as retaining the religious values that found such communities.

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