Lilia Becker Inspires Young Women to Pursue Coding


A young coder named Lilia Becker is taking charge of the coding world by encouraging local young women to learn the skill. After taking a class her freshman year of high school, Becker felt bothered by the lack of women in STEM fields. From this time, her fascination grew, and she started to rewrite a number of coding processors to provide them with a more in-depth understanding. Between her school obligations and other extracurriculars, Becker takes time to teach interested young women about coding, hoping to increase women’s presence in the coding world. She feels that coding encourages a different type of thinking that can increase women’s adaptability in work environments. Her steadfast nature and emphasis on enthusiasm have shown through her community involvement. Becker hopes to continue helping women learn to code by building a community of female coders to make the task of learning to code less daunting.


For Further Reading:

If you are interested in coding, explore Women Who Code to find other young women in the coding industry and access coding resources.


Discussion Question:

Most coding has been done by men, and tech algorithms are reflective of that. What are some potential implications of that exclusivity?


Action Item:

Explore Lila Becker’s coding journey by following her Instagram account @codingwithlila.


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