Looking at Sexual Violence Through 360˚ Virtual Reality


Jayisha Patel, a London-based director, has presented her documentary short films across various festivals such as LAFF, SXSW, NYFF, and Berlin International Film Festival since 2014. Her most recent project, Notes to My Father, is the world’s first virtual reality (VR) “360-degree documentary on sex trafficking.” The project was commissioned by Oculus and premiered at Sundance. Additionally, her most recent short titled Circle, which debuted this week at the Toronto International Film Festival, addresses India’s gender-based violence through the story of a teen rape survivor. In this interview with Filmmaker Magazine, Patel discusses the importance of the short film format as well as how current political tensions allowed her to explore complex topics from a different perspective.  

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Think about your personal knowledge on the topic of sexual violence. In what ways/using what media can society as a whole become more educated on the topic?

Action Item:

Become aware of the signs of child sex trafficking and the actions that can be taken to prevent it.  


Read more on Filmmaker Magazine | Image: Sylvester DSouza on Unsplash