MAC Has Visible Facial Hair in New Ad


Most lipstick advertisements stick to the engrained “rules” of the beauty industry—gleaming white teeth, meticulously applied lipstick, and absolutely hairless skin. But MAC is breaking those rules. A recent ad on the brand’s Instagram shows a closeup of one of their new lipsticks—and you can see the darker hairs above the model’s lip, untouched by editors. Fans instantly flooded their comment section, excited to see women who represented them and weren’t completely hairless. MAC is just the most recent brand in the beauty industry to post unedited, real photos on social media. Earlier this year, UK retailer Misguided was commended for not editing out their models’ stretch marks, and ASOS featured a model with back rolls with no attempts to edit them out. While this is just the beginning of seeing authentic bodies in the beauty industry, we think these brands are paving the way for even more representation.

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Next time you’re thinking of editing that picture you’re about to post—think it over. Why are you editing it? Why are you ashamed of these parts of you? Try to find something, instead, to celebrate about those “flaws.”


Action Item:

Support women with real bodies! If you see people posting unedited pictures, give them some love! In today’s social media age, being authentic is brave. Give them the support they may need!



Read more on Honey Nine | Image: @maccosmetics on Instagram