Maine Elects Record Number of Women to State Legislature


There were a record number of women elected to Maine’s State Legislature on Election Day. Over 72 female politicians were elected to office in 2018, surpassing the 2017 record of 64 women. Among the 2,000 women who will work for the U.S legislature in 2019, Maine reports the highest percentage of women involved in politics. These positive results show successful determination from liberal donors that supported these campaign efforts extensively. Maine GOP Chair Demi Kouzounas states that in campaigning, recruitment was definitely the hardest fight to overcome. Other political leaders express the lack of young women supporting these campaigns, and furthermore show how they are essential to spreading change.

For Further Reading

Click here to read a press release from the Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics that talks about the record number of women elected to state legislatures in the last year.


Discussion Question

What can your local government do to involve more women in politics?


Action Item

Look up how many women are elected into your local government, and begin spreading awareness through social media and/or petition to get more women involved.


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