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For the young womxn who wants to make a change.



Make Muse is thrilled to debut our 2nd print magazine. The magazine is a scrapbook-style collection of exclusive content, our favorite online pieces, op-eds, art, photography, and writing. Make Muse believes in the power of slow media, as this 140-page book is designed to be read over and over again. Read the issue 2 intro letter and check out the cover below. You can now preorder the magazine until late April 2019. The magazine will officially go on sale in mid-May 2019.


Issue 2 Print

The Make Muse magazine is a semi-annual project with exclusive pieces and the best of our submitted content, resembling a scrapbook or journal of sorts. We’re calling our second issue our sophomore issue, as it covers the wisdom and the playfulness similar to the ethos of Make Muse.

The magazine will officially be out on May 16, 2019 and will ship thereafter.

As always, you can find the Make Muse magazine online, in stores, or via our subscription program.


Dear Reader, 

I’m pleased to welcome you to issue 2 of Make Muse. You know what they say, first is the worst, second is the best!! Second also equates to sophomore or “wise fool.” I’d like to think Make Muse has both a sage and playful spirit.

Since Make Muse was birthed onto the internet, the number one question I receive from readers, social media followers, and my own friends and family is about our name. What could Make Muse possibly mean?!!

Well, there’s a lot of things. 

Make Muse sounds like “make music” and comes from a line in Arthur O’Shaugnessy’s poem, “Ode.” The first line reads, “We are the music makers.” The first stanza has been my phone wallpaper for years and serves as my personal mantra as to how I want to live my life. I like to tell people that Make Muse is, “the muse to make a change,” and features photos, writing, media meant to inspire you to go out and do something. 

Here are some other interpretations:

Make Muse is also the idea that you are the muse of your own life. Make Muse is transforming the notion of the muse into an interesting- rather than one dimensional- person. Make Muse is actually going out doing something because of what you’ve seen on the internet or in a book. Make Muse is not morphing into the dominant masculinity and owning femininity. Make Muse is the marriage of activism and art. Make Muse is knowing there’s more than looks. Make Muse is smashing society. Make Muse is the time between teenage-hood and adulthood. The reality meets mythological. The intelligent meets creative. Make Muse is a breeding ground for makers. Make Muse is about fostering the interests, hobbies, and curiosities you have. Make Muse is a renaissance- a rebirth. 

And I think a lot of these ideas relate to the idea that it could be for the *wise fool*, too. 

Cover photography by Melina Triffon. Cover design by Luiza Sandru.

Cover photography by Melina Triffon. Cover design by Luiza Sandru.

I called a friend recently (on a Friday night, no less) and chatted for hours. She- of course- happened to inquire about Make Muse’s name during the conversation and my definition of its meaning. I told her that Make Muse is whatever you take from it. Whatever you want it to be. Whatever it makes you feel, consider, or do. 

**Take note that I said Friday night. I’m sitting here in my pajamas, drinking tea. But I also kind of want to be at a preschool because I’m dying to do crafts right now. If age is wisdom, then my senior-citizen tendencies probably are making my IQ soar. However, there might be something foolish about having an intense need to DIY or even starting a ~print~ magazine in this day and age. Wise Fool. Weird moods. 

I kind of hate the word “founder.” It’s just a publication that’s a collection of interesting things. It’s up to you to find out what Make Muse is to you. 


By Maura Sheedy


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