Makeup Activist & CEO: Beauty Bakerie’s Cashmere Nicole


Cashmere Nicole recently launched the about-to-be-groundbreaking beauty company, Beauty Bakerie. Haven’t heard of it? You will soon, as the inclusive brand has officially launched in Ulta stores this month. While the brand is known for its dessert and sweet treat theme, the ultimate force behind the success is Cashmere Nicole herself. As a Black woman, Cashmere knows the struggles POC face when shopping for makeup. Because of this, Beauty Bakerie displays its foundation range from dark to light, as opposed to light to dark, and has thirty different shades. Cashmere does not intend to tear down brands that do not have as high inclusivity standards. She instead urges us to simply focus on those that are being progressive and changing things.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

Many activists spend a great deal of effort discussing brands that are not being inclusive or progressing in beauty ideals. But does focusing on the negative create change? Do you believe it is as important to discuss the brands that aren’t doing their part as it is to discuss those that are?


Action Item

Support Cashmere Nicole’s new line, Beauty Bakerie, in Ulta stores now!


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