Male Celebrities Defy Gender Norms, Embrace Red Carpet Fashion


For almost a century, the majority of the gossip around red carpet fashion has revolved around women. But, according to an article published by Vogue this week, 2018 may have been the year that men upped their game. Instead of opting for the traditional black tux, more and more male celebrities embraced more flamboyant looks. At the top of Vogue’s list were breakout actors Ezra Miller and Thimothée Chalamet, who experimented with everything from printed suiting to quirky accessories. Veteran actor Jeff Goldblum also earned a nod for his fresh-off-the-runway looks, as did rapper Post Malone’s “sleazy-chic.” To hear Vogue tell it, these “peacocks of the year,” are dangerously close to stealing their female co-stars thunder— if they haven’t already. Which raises the question: Could our celebration of men embracing their persona style and denouncing the idea that fashion is strictly “female,” backfire on women? With so much public scrutiny already zeroed-in on their appearance, the last thing our favorite female celebrities need is to be thrown into a competition for best-dressed with the guys, as well. Or, perhaps, we could look at it the other way: With men getting edgier on the red carpet, perhaps the limelight will shift from comparisons between women and their looks into a less-gendered consideration of what the stars are swanning around in. The outcome remains to be seen— let’s see how the trend develops in 2019.

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Discussion Question

What do you think about the fact that men are dressing up more for the red carpet?


Action Item

Tune into an awards show over the coming months, and keep your eyes on the guys: What’re they wearing? Is how the press talks about what they’re wearing different from how they’re talking about the women’s outfits?

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