Marc Jacobs Revisits Controversial “Grunge” Collection


While today he is one of America’s most famous designers, Marc Jacobs’ career had a rocky start: As a designer for the brand Perry Ellis, his Spring 1993 collection titled “Grunge” was reviled by critics and eventually got him fired. Fast-forward twenty-five years, and “Grunge”—with its slip dresses, combat boots, and plaid shirts—is now heralded as one of the most iconic moments in American fashion. Luckily for millennials, too young or not yet born at the time of the collection’s debut, Jacobs is now re-issuing 26 of the original looks under his own label. Including everything from shoes and accessories to ready-to-wear outfits, the pieces will be available starting November 15 both online and in Marc Jacobs stores. A campaign shot by Juergen Teller will officially roll out in December—just in time for the holiday shopping hype. In Jacobs’ own words, the collection represents “the first time in my professional career I was unwavering in…my vision.”


For Further Reading

Marc Jacobs isn’t the only designer feeling nostalgic: Just last year, Versace honored the late Gianni Versace with an emotional tribute show.


Discussion Question

Why do you think “Grunge” was so poorly received in the early 90s, but is so popular today? How do you feel about the fact that the collection draws from a pre-existing subculture?


Action Item

In preparation for the revival of “Grunge,” dig into other fashion collections and trends that have “trickled up” from subcultures (think: punk, hippie, etc.)


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