Marriage Rates are Dropping Fast for Asian Women


Across the globe, the average marrying age has risen in recent years, but nowhere more so than in Asia. What is more, many women are not marrying at all. In Japan, almost a third of women over 30 are unmarried and around half of them are expected to stay single. The statistics continue; Bangkok and Tokyo both have around a fifth of their female population between 40 and 44 years old being single. With employment opportunities for women increasing and increased financial stability, it seems women are choosing to dedicate themselves to their career or simply not seeing the need for marriage when they can support themselves. Traditional gender roles are also thought to contribute to this change; Asian women are culturally often expected to do far more housework than their male partners – on average, a man will do three hours of domestic chores a week, whereas a women will do 30. In refusing to marry, Asian women are avoiding the need to take on this extra labour for male counterparts.

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Naturally women feeling more empowered to make their own choices is always good, but are fewer marriages a positive change, or something that should be addressed?

Action Item:

Take a note in your household or the household of a close friend or family, and think about the balance between men and women if it’s a mixed-gender home. Consider the balance, or how the tasks are divided between genders.


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