Marry The Man

Marry the man that makes you feel whole, and does not make you question whether you are worth it or not.

Marry the man that makes you feel beautiful, instead of insecure.

One that does not force change in the way that you look and the personality that you carry.

Marry the man that respects you, in the same way he respects his own mother and every woman.

A man that will put you above all and always take your feelings into consideration.

Marry the man that makes you laugh more than you will ever cry.

One that opens that comfortability to be yourself in your most organic form.

Marry the man that works hard, and not one that relies on you.

One that will hold you both down when needed. One that is far from selfish.

Marry the man that encourages you to grow, and even if that is without him.

One that pushes you to be your best self for you and no one else.


Do not marry out of hopelessness,

Do not stay stuck in the belief that the person you are with is the only person you’ll ever find.

In a world filled with a surplus of people, find a man that values you as much as you value your own self.


Love yourself enough to stray from settling for less than what you deserve,

Love yourself enough to walk away when necessary.

Most importantly,

Love yourself enough to find solace in your own company first.

Love yourself,

Just love yourself.

Author: Jasabel Ramirez

Jasabel  is a Puerto Rican and Mexican American young woman. She enjoys poetry because it has helped bring out her inner creativity that she was not aware of. Writing has helped her cope with her anxiety and depression by giving her a voice to speak for herself and others. She is currently a college student with a Social Work Major. In her future, she not only hopes to become a social worker, but an author too.