Massachusetts Democratic Nominee Ayanna Pressley Breaks Political Barriers


Ayanna Pressley, Boston city councilor, has recently knocked Michael E. Capuano out of the running for Democratic nominee for the Massachusetts 7th district. She has been long considered a “political star” on Capitol Hill due to her progressive left-wing ideals. Pressley, who is expected to win unopposed, has ignited hope in the hearts of citizens who truly want change in their district. Capuano, who has held his position for over two decades, has shown strong support for the aspiring candidate. He states, “Clearly, the district wanted a lot of change… Ayanna Pressley is going to be a good congresswoman”. NIf nevertheless, she is bound to break barriers in Congress as the first black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress and help fight issues that matter to women.

For Further Reading:

If you’d like to read more of specific issues that Pressley is tackling in her campaign to simply get to know her, click here.

Discussion Question:

Do your local officials represent your community and ideals? If not, what would your ideal candidate believe in?

Action Item:

An essential aspect of making sure that women with progressive policies have a seat in Congress is voting for these people in the first place. If you haven’t already, click here to vote. Making your voice heard this November will ensure that women will have an active voice in Congress.



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