Meet Paulette Jordan: The Conservative Feminist Politician Changing Idaho


In a mainly conservative state, Paulette Jordan believes unconventionality is a necessary component to Idaho local politics. Simply put, she knows the rural terrain of her community like the back of her hand. Raised in a Native-American household and a first-hand witness of the deficiencies of her local government, Jordan wants to use her candidacy for governor to fix often-overlooked issues such as opioid addiction, access to Medicare, and the minimum wage. She affirms to Rolling Stone, “When you’re from where I’m from and you see this on a daily basis, this is why I’m running for governor.” Her rural upbringing has largely shaped her positive views on gun-ownership and hunting rights, but she is still a strong advocate for progressive causes like women’s access to healthcare. Jordan embodies the notion that government is about party alliance, but progressive action on the issues that matter in your own community.

For Further Reading:

To learn more about Jordan’s views and policies, click here. It’s important to acknowledge the women who strive for both right-wing and left-wing policies, as many of them use their voices to further women’s rights in this country.


Discussion Question:

Do you find it necessary for women to side with a particular political party?


Action Item:

In light of National Voter Registration Day, it’s essential to recognize the importance of voting. Local elections can greatly impact our individual communities. Research your preferred candidate, and respectfully inform your own community about the importance of voting. Pledge your support to your preferred candidate online and around your community (even get involved in a campaign!). And even if you’re not eligible to vote, there are countless ways to advocate for the candidates you believe in.


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