Meet Saman Tabasinejad, the Woman Changing Willowdale


As a viable candidate for Toronto City Council, Saman Tabasinejad has devoted her career to making her local community a better place to live. She is currently representing Willowdale in hopes of making her home town a better place to live. In an interview with Leviana Coccia, she talks in-depth about the impact that both her community and upbringing has had on her ideals as a political candidate. As an Iranian immigrant, she is focused on creating safe programs for refugees through the non-profit Roofs for Refugees program. In a nutshell, she is dedicated to creating a safe community for Willowdale citizens.  

For Further Reading:

If you’d like to see the non-profit organization that Saman Tabasinejad is apart of, click here. Roof for Refugees is an organization dedicated to finding affordable housing for immigrants coming to Canada.


Discussion Question:

Tabasinejad has been focusing her impact to help her local community. What are some ways you can assist the women in your local city?


Action Item:

If you would like to help Saman Tabasinejad in her campaign efforts, you can donate directly on her website. Every penny will make sure that she can help her own community and directly be a feminist.



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