Meet The Female Pilots Behind Drones


Rusta is one of the UK’s biggest drone companies and is reportedly seeing historical numbers in women’s enrollment in drone programs. According to The Guardian, women are using drones to capture environmental disasters, search and rescue missions, and photography. They are not only using these technological innovations regularly, but they are also encouraging young women to become drone pilots. Carys Kaiser is the founder of TheDroneLass and hopes to bring light to working with drones for women everywhere. She stated in her interview that most young women didn’t grow up playing with things like remote control cars and planes and hopes to show women how interesting the mechanism can be.

For Further Reading

Head on over to Carys Kaiser’s blog about drone usage here.


Discussion Question

What kinds of programs can universities offer to encourage women to work with drones? Does your university provide anything like this?


Action Item

Talk to your mothers! Ask them questions about career, family, and how they chose their current path.


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