Meet the Nigerian Women Who Reject Feminism


In Nigeria, fierce debate has been generated over controversial comments from African pop star Tiwa Savage, who stressed how women should be strong in their careers, yet inferior in the domestic setting. While comments such as these don’t necessarily affect feminist policies in the country, they can affect the views of women who aspire to be in public office in the small country. Female presidential candidates such as Eunice Atujide go as far as to reject feminism altogether, mostly due to its “hypocritical” ties. These radical opinions are reflected on the Global Gender Gap report that Nigeria ranks 122nd out of all 144 countries in gender parity. This essentially categorizes the country as extremely sexist in government, as only 6% of elective positions in Nigeria are held by women. Alarming statistics such as these show how feminism could radically change a nation strongly devoted to patriarchy, for the better.  

Action Item

Educate people around you on feminism. Not everyone has to be a feminist, but it is important that people understand what feminism, and being a feminist, means. Misconceptions of feminism lead to a lack of respect for the women’s rights movement.


How do you think negative perceptions of feminists impact women in society and government?

Further Reading

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