Megan Murphy-Bratich: Combiner of Creativity and Purpose

Megan Murphy-Bratich is the Cofounder of Get The People, a New York based digital creative agency specializing in producing beautiful, performance-based websites for purpose-driven brands.

Megan, alongside her husband and creative partner Rad Bratich, founded Get The People in 2011 with a mission to exist at the intersection of good and cool – supporting the creative needs of conscious brands committed to making a positive social or environmental impact through their products, technology, or services. They are a B1G1, business for good and most recently launched an impact driven event and podcast series, spotlighting brands, people and critical topics in the socially and environmentally conscious space.

In addition to running their agency, Megan and Rad founded Take Me Alive, a New York City based ethically made luxury streetwear line for men and women. Designed by Rad, the line is heavily influenced and inspired by the absolute edge – blending art, music, self expression and attitude with an approach to truly living life to the death. The brand is not only routed in artistic expression but is committed to a making ethical choices around the fabrics and materials used along with how and where each garment is made.

As a two time business owner, wife, mom, and activist, passionate about wellness and financial freedom, Megan is a true advocate for living life to the fullest while doing meaningful work in the world. When Megan and Rad aren’t working on their businesses they’re busy chasing their two year old son Remy.

 Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Make Muse: Tell us who you are in one sentence.

Megan: I guess you could say I’m ‘momprenuer’ – wife, two time business owner, creative, designer, writer and activist, obsessed with wellness, dancing, the power of self expression and what it means to live creatively.  
Make Muse: When and how did your personal interest in sustainability begin?

Megan: My sustainable journey has been two phased – food and then fashion. It began around 2011 when I was first exposed to the environmental damage, pollution, and waste caused from consuming meat – not to mention to harm to my health and to animals.

This was a huge eye opener and the start of my educational journey around food, climate change and sustainability. My awareness and curiosity continued after I stopped eating meat when I was pregnant with my son and started looking into a more sustainable lifestyle and the products I was brining into my house and putting on my body.

When I became pregnant and a new mom, I just become increasingly more aware of my body and how I was treating it.

 Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

To be completely honest, I was pretty pissed off and sad the more I learned. I mean it’s shameful to have to worry about getting your family sick from everyday household items like toothpaste. The curtain had definitely been pulled back and although nothing is entirely sustainable, I’m glad that more information and products are becoming accessible and commonplace.  

The fashion phase of my sustainable interest started in 2015 when my husband and business partner Rad and I started the inception of our second business and side hustle, Take Me Alive, an ethically made in NYC luxury streetwear line. As we began researchig materials and the production process we both become increasingly aware of the insane amount of waste and pollution caused by the fashion industry – second to oil, say what?!

We quickly began researching US sourced organic cottons, silks and the most sustainable materials and processes. We also dedicated to being hundred percent made in NY so that we could have a close relationship to the manufacuturing process.

Just as with food, the more information, stories and personal the message got, the more my eyes have been opened and I can’t consciously make the same decisions anymore.

 Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Make Muse: Tell us about your digital creative agency, Get The People?

Megan: Get The People was my husband Rad and I’s first ‘baby’. We are a purpose-driven creative agency committed to supporting the creative needs of purpose-led brands that exist for reasons beyond just making a buck, and committed to making a positive impact in the world.

We’ve worked with dozens of clients from emerging start-ups to global heavy-hitters, pulling together proven strategies for branding, web design and technology that work together to tell their impact story, connect with their people, and support their ongoing growth.

We founded the agency in 2011 from our East Village living room, both eager to begin our entrepreneurial journeys and escape the restrictions of corporate life. Even though we were just dating we decided to roll the dice, and bring together our different areas of expertise in the digital space and love for the creative process – Get the People was born.

Well, that’s not entirely where the story starts… The name itself started out nothing more than Rad’s obsession with art and a concept for a graffiti campaign back in the early 2000s. The words Get The People were sprayed, inked, stamped, stenciled, and stickered all over the streets NYC.

Make Muse: How do you position yourself as a “purpose-driven” agency?

 Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Megan: We shifted into the’ purpose-driven’ space around two years ago, no coincidence this was just around the time we had our son Remy and when we were both experiencing a new awareness around climate change.

We had been chugging along for about four years and we realized we had lost a reason to show up. We were hungry to connect with a bigger narrative and purpose. Our personal interests and passions weren’t being reflected in the work we were doing, so we decided to make a shift.

Today we position our ‘purpose’ by focusing on who we’re helping and why. We look to align with brands and people committed to making a positive impact in the world.

Beyond this, we also have a deep interest in the sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle space, as these companies really help to drive everyday change and fight to build larger communities of conscious employees and consumers.

Put simply, we want to create cool work to empower good people, doing good things.
Make Muse: Have you seen an increase in the number of sustainable brands and in turn see an increase in social innovation and other socially-minded ventures that come to work with you?

Megan: Absolutely. The numbers are in- doing good is good for business. People and brands have been looking to connect with a bigger purpose and to make a positive social and environmental impact for some time now. Not only does the best talent want to work with a socially-minded company, but consumers are looking to connect with and support brands that are committed to making a positive impact.

 Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Make Muse: How did you get involved with moderating a Sustainable Fashion panel with Balanced Fashion? Tell us a little more about the origins of the panel.

Megan: I have been wanting to create an activist arm of Get The People for as long as I can remember. So one of our major initiatives this year has been to launch an impact-driven platform spotlighting brands, people and critical topics in the socially and environmentally conscious space.

The platform will take shape through immersive events (like this one!), dinner parties, podcast, collaborations and other community activations where impact-driven conversations intersect with, well a party!

The collaboration came about when I was lucky enough to have attended one of Balanced Fashion’s panel events around sustainable fashion and technology. I instantly knew this was the type of conversation I wanted to help continue to happen and immediately contacted Nataliya Makulova, founder Balanced Fashion.

Even though Nataliya was already in Russia for an extended work trip, she not only agreed to collaborate with us for her April event, but she’s continued to host her events every month from across the globe!

I had become increasingly aware of and supportive of the Fashion Revolution movement and knew we had to make the push to have our event during Fashion Revolution Week. The US team has been incredibly responsive and we are honored to help bring awareness to the devistation of the 2013 collapse of Rana Plaza and their #WhoMadeMyClothes movement.

Make Muse: How did you respond when the Plaza factory collapse occurred 5 years? Do you have any memories or feelings you recall when you heard the devastating news?

 Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Megan: All I could think was, how could this happen. It was absolutely horrific and 5 years later it’s still devastating and unfortunately, there hasn’t been a sizeable shift in labor conditions. That is why the Fashion Revolution movement is so important.

I had no idea how bad it really was though until I saw The True Cost documentary a couple of years later. The more we share, educate ourselves, friends and families about how to make better purchasing decisions the closer we get to creating a sustainable society.    

Make Muse: Empowerment is a big part of what you do- have worked on projects that empower females?

Megan: Empowerment of females has been a strong narrative throughout my life. As a student, I was involved in a variety of programs from being a young women's mentor and moderator of situations of conflict, dance teacher, to speaking at different social organization events and fundraisers.  

In my early professional days I volunteered for and oversaw marketing and events for a women's empowerment company, She Creates Change. The mission was to help women discover their purpose and create their best life in their work and in the world.

Today, I take every chance I can to march, speak out, and support the empowerment of woman both personally and professionally. As my businesses expand we are continuously looking bring women into leadership roles as well as work with women-owned businesses.

 Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Make Muse: When crafting a brand’s story, do you take into account how the brand promotes female equality? Have you worked with any brands who have a female-focused mission?

Megan: A businesses brand is it’s most powerful asset, so promoting and ‘baking in’ equality is absolutely essential to the work we do.

We’ve worked with female founders but haven’t had the pleasure of working with an entirely female-focused brand – we’d of course love to! Where are all you amazing women empowerments brands?! How can we help you get your people :)

Make Muse: How do sustainability and feminism intersect, in your opinion?

Megan: In my experience sustainability and feminism intersect at the impact and solution level. As climate change continues so will the devastating natural disasters which naturally effect poor communities which are mostly made up of women. Inequality creates a huge issue for women when it comes to the issue of sustainability, yet on the other hand if more women were in power and had a voice and platform to share our unique perspective we would be better using our ‘woman power’ to solve this global crisis.

Make Muse: Do you have any plans in your personal or professional life to keep supporting sustainable causes and ventures?

Megan: Most definitely. It’s no accident that my entire life is centered around this issue now –  Get The People will continue to support the creative needs of environmentally and socially conscious brands and people. We’ll be hosting panel and social events on an ongoing basis and launching a podcast later this summer to help bring more awareness to a broader mainstream audience.

 Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

As we grow Take Me Alive, we’ll continue to increase our sustainability efforts and will always be a hundred percent ethically made.

Personally, I plan on continuing to seek out new information and put my money where my heart is. I want to leave my son a healthy and happy planet, so the least I can do is make more conscious buying decisions.

Make Muse: What tips and tricks do you have for living a sustainable everyday life?

Megan: You can’t change what you’re not aware of!

Continuing education around any issues is the only way to make a difference. Netflix has loads of incredible documentaries about fast fashion, climate change, human rights, among other critical social issues.

 Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Photo by Megan Murphy-Bratich

Go to tips: Lights off, buy less–buy better, only use what you need, digital everything, wash hair 2 times a week, shop at ThriveMarket...

Oh and there is a new book we’ll be doing a give-away of at our event on the 26th – Detox Your Home: A Guide to Removing Toxins from Your Life and Bringing Health into Your Home, by Christine Dimmick

Make Muse: What does the future of Get The People look like?

Megan:I’m more of a 90 day future planner, but a few things we have in play beyond our new event and podcast series is achieving our B Corporation certification.  We’re also looking to expand our team this year which is super exciting and terrifying. All in all, we are super excited about the people we get to help and to have some fun along the way!