Men’s Rights Activist Files Title IX Suits Against University Women’s Scholarships and Programs


Kursat Pekgoz, a men’s rights activist at the University of Southern California, has filed Title IX complaints against three schools. He is targeting women-only scholarships and programs because he sees it as male discrimination; he claims that “efforts to support female students are no longer necessary and amount to discrimination against male students.” Ironically, Pekgoz himself has been investigated in a Title IX case regarding a sexual harassment allegation. He recently published a guide called “How to Abolish Affirmative Action for Women.”

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Learn more about Title IX on campuses here.


Discussion Question

Do you think women-only scholarships and affirmative action programs for women are still relevant and should be implemented today?


Action Item

Watch this video feature on Kursat Pekgoz’s story here. You can also see him featured on NBC “Nightly News” on 12/15.

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