Menstrual Art in The World of Social Media


Menstrual art (also known as Menstrala) dates back to Judy Chicago’s Red Flag (1971). This art movement has once again taken a relevant stance with social media now at our fingertips. period. by Rupi Kaur made headlines in 2015 when Instagram banned an image from the series. Ironically, Instagram’s ban was the exact response that Kaur was challenging. A part of life that happens to half the population is often degraded and looked at with disgust. With menstruation art on social media, periods and period blood can become even more normalized in our world.

For Further Reading

Menstrual art is nothing new. For the past few decades,  many pieces of artwork have belonged to the menstrual art movement.


Discussion Question

Do you feel as though you have been shamed by others for something related to menstruation? Why is it a part of life that is still not normalized in everyday conversation?


Action Item

Think about or watch tampon and sanitary pad commercials. See how many (if any) show period blood in the commercial.


Read more on The Conversation | Image: From period. by Rupi Kaur and Prabh Kaur