Menstruation Classes Take Place in Co-Ed Schools In New Delhi


30 co-educational schools have approached NGO Sachhi Saheli to organize workshops to teach schoolchildren about menstruation. Schools that have already put children through the workshop are now extending it to parents after seeing positive results in their students. Until July 2018, the NGO was only conducting workshops in all-girls schools, but they decided to branch out after receiving requests from co-ed schools. So far, they have put on events in 10 schools. The workshops cover the science behind menstruation and what to expect alongside it. Schoolchildren with female genitalia are also taught basic personal hygiene that comes along with menstruating, as well as the various forms of pads, tampons, or other sanitary products on offer. Both female and male students who have taken part say they feel closer to one another and more able to help each other out when needed. Initiatives such as this encourage better relationships and cooperation between genders going forward. Starting at such a young age creates more potential for less gender-based discrimination or misunderstanding later in life, strengthening male-female relationships and communities.

For Further Reading

Find out more about the NGO responsible for the workshops on their website.


Discussion Question

Did you have specific menstruation classes during school? Did you like them, or wish you had them?


Action Item

Educate a male friend or relative who might not already know about menstruation. Breaking down knowledge barriers between genders is an important step towards equality.


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