Mental Health in Survivors of Breast Cancer


A recent analysis published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has found that breast cancer survivors are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, sleep troubles and other mental health issues than women never diagnosed with the disease. Lead study author Helena Carreira emphasizes the need for greater awareness surrounding mental distress following breast cancer. She also indicates that younger survivors are more likely to experience depression and anxiety, as compared to older women. Breast cancer survivors were also found to be two times more likely to experience sexual dysfunction. Dr. Fremonta Meyer of the Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Boston confirms these findings but encourages to remain hopeful, as the mental health of long-term cancer survivor has been found to improve five years after the cancer diagnosis.

For Further Reading

Check out the Journal of the National Cancer Institute to find out more about this study and statistics on survivors of breast cancer.


Discussion Question

Do you think enough attention is paid to the mental wellbeing of cancer survivors?


Action Item

To support survivors and women who are battling with breast cancer, you can check out the National Breast Cancer Foundation here.

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