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Make Muse TV: Midnight Snack

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The premise of this short film is that a young girl’s happiness and fantasy keeps getting interrupted by outside sources. Her fantasy can be whatever you take it to be, whether that be her dancing by herself, consuming confetti and joy, remaining true to her values, whatever you might identify with. The film is meant to present her finding solace within herself in trying situations, even when they seem minuscule, as often our best source of comfort and happiness can be within ourselves. While we wanted this to be open to interpretation, an important element of the film is that being yourself and pursuing happiness, especially in an environment like American universities, is okay and that being “social,” in the typical sense, isn’t for everyone. Many people have asked us about the ending, and for us it spoke to protagonist J.C. opening her horizons and finding value in those social interactions, in the sense that she was able to learn more about herself within these everyday situations. (Not to mention, we wanted to hint at Jacob’s releasing that tumultuous--or humorously ridiculous--side of himself which he carried around with him for years. Did J.C.’s presence and energy prompt him to do that? You can decide for yourself!)

Midnight Snack


Creative Direction and Film by Mica Bernhard and Olivia Jimenez

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