Monsters at Night

Content Warning: Sexual Assault


Why can’t I pretend?

Drunk, Laughing, Smiling,

Then a hand on my arm surprises me.

A friend, But my body doesn’t know

An unfriendly hand from a friendly one anymore.

College nights

Were promised to be the times of our lives

But I can’t wait to leave this place behind.

Memories with burned edges,

Leave scars under my skin.

Excuses: Automatic.

“I’m too busy to drink!”

I wave off all the pain,

A flick of the wrist,

And sell it with just a small tilt of my lips.


“Have fun without me!”

I force a laugh and say,

“Don’t worry, I’m totally better this way.”

I’ll stay safe. Stay inside.

Imagine what could happen under the Night Sky.

A silent house on a Friday night.

Tears sting my throat,

Silent sobs filled with fears.

Nobody has to know,

He stole everything I had to give.

Body invaded,

Blood pulsing in my ears,

A moment of loneliness wasn’t worth a lifetime of fear.

A man so kind, Transformed in an instant,

Into a monster whose breath I can still smell at night.


Author: Morgan Gjoen