Mother and Daughter Support Female Education Program in Bangladesh


One of the most prevalent moral issues plaguing Bangladesh is child marriage, where about two-thirds of the girls are married before the age of 18. Maryland-based mother and daughter duo Sasha and Maya Forbes are looking to change that statistic through the power of female education. After hearing an interview from the founder of nonprofit Speak Up for the Poor, Sasha Forbes became inspired to sponsor The Girls Education Program in Bangladesh. The initiative provides young women with academic support through tutoring, textbook access, and educational seminars. She has instilled the values of education and generosity in her nine year old daughter, Maya, who herself has continued to aid The Girls Education Program in her own way through yard sales, lemonade stands, and similar fundraisers. Through the efforts of the Forbes family and similar volunteers, young women in Bangladesh are increasingly gaining access to higher education and escaping the widespread trend of child marriage.


For Further Reading:

Check out to learn more about their programs and get to know some of the young women who are benefitting from their services.


Discussion Question:

Nine year old Maya Forbes has conducted her own small-scale fundraisers for a few years. Have you ever started or participated in a fundraiser? What were some of the most effective methods? 


Action Item:

Nonprofits like Speak Up for the Poor require donations to keep their programs up and running. Every cent counts, so visit their website to donate or sponsor a child, or start a small fundraiser like Maya did!



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