Mother Running For Office Told She Can’t Use Campaign Money for Childcare Costs


Morgan Lamandre, a Louisiana mother of two, is in the midst of a legal battle with the Louisiana State Board after she requested to use campaign donations for the care of her two children as she runs for office. In many other states, mothers have been able to do this, but Louisiana has implemented many restrictions to this rule. Legislator Charles Emile "Peppi" Bruneau Jr stated that “Child care...should come before public office or anything else.” Many see this as a way to deter mothers who wish to run for office, deepening the line of female underrepresentation that exists in U.S politics today. As a result, Lamandre is pushing for Louisiana lawmakers to permit an allowance for mothers who take on child care expenses while in office and follows a long line of mothers wishing to run for political office.

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Discussion Question

Why do you think there are restrictive laws that deter mothers from running for office?


Action Item

Be sure to share Morgan’s story and research other female politicians that have similar stories on social media, and spread awareness about these deterrents.


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