Mother Shares Successes and Fears of Raising Daughters as Feminists


Freelance blogger Jenny Studenroth discussed her personal fears and tips on talking with her two young daughters about feminism. Emphasizing the love and joy she finds in her children, Studenroth also shares the added fear that unfortunately comes with having daughters in a patriarchal society. Giving young girls both the freedom to discuss their own experiences and the confidence to break out of gender norms are just a few of the ways that Studenroth highlights as useful in raising her own daughters. The struggle of bringing up children in the right way without pushing your own views on them too firmly is a difficulty that many parents can relate to, yet Studenroth’s candid article may offer some useful advice to those in need. The importance of making sure that future generations carry on the positive work of their parents cannot be underestimated; true improvement is often seen to come from younger generations, so this valuable bond between mothers and daughters is key for the future of feminism.

Discussion Question

Did you discuss feminism or other issues close to your heart with your mother as a child? Do you want to do so with your (future) children?

Further Reading

Take a look at this list of resources for young feminists - making learning and reflection fun is a great way to help kids take on positive messages at a young age.

Action Item

If you spend time with younger women or girls, think about their perspective. Consider how you might be acting as a role model and what you would have liked to see from an elder when you were their age.

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