My Body Is Art: Self-Portrait Series

Originally this series was going to be three drawings, one for me, and one for each of my teenage sisters, focused on emphasizing each of our vastly different body types. After one of my sisters made it clear that she was self-conscious about her body, making me delete all of my reference images I took of her from my camera roll, I realized I needed to prove a point with my piece.


Stretchmarks (1%2F3).jpeg

I changed it into a self-portrait series highlighting different insecurities and flaws that should be seen as pieces of art instead of something to be ashamed of. Each image represents a different “flaw” society tells us we need to change or cover up. Instead of hiding these “flaws” -  I dare viewers to embrace them.

Cellulite (2%2F3).jpeg

The first piece includes not only my belly rolls, but stretch marks that have been converted into sprouting wildflowers. The second showcases the cellulite and dimples I have on my butt and thighs, while the third highlights my thigh and arm hair.

Body Hair (3%2F3).jpeg

I wanted this series to be an educational one, showing my sisters that every person’s body is art, in its own unique way. I chose to use myself as the subject, because I am the most comfortable with my body, despite being the biggest of us three. I am hoping my finished series will teach them that if I can love my body, and see it as a piece of art, then they should be able to as well.