My God

My God is all caring.

My God does not judge.

My God is tender and sheltering...

My God is Female.


She is everyone’s mother.

She is all nurturing.

She is Mother Nature.



May I lay down on your lap?

May I feel your warmth?

May I brush up against your cheek,

And touch your eyes with mine?

May I not be judged?
May I have this tenderness

Without shame or embarrassment?

May I be allowed my innocence?


My God is all maternal.
All children can sit on her lap.
All animals large and small can wag their tails to her.

She takes the time to love, pet and cuddle.


I have never met my God.
Although I feel her presence in special people.

I look for her in my friend’s eyes.
I pray for her in my sleep
and my waking hours.


My God is beautiful
soft and wise.
My God is a woman.
My eternal mother, my total peace.


Someday I will meet you,

and know I was loved. 

Author: Teresa (Terri) Ellinger

"I am an artist, poet and children's book writer"