Nancy Pelosi Urges More Women Enter Political Office


Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to be recognized as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, originally left her mark in Washington by inspiring more and more women to enter the political realm. In a recent Forbes article, she urges more women to run for in political office based on her past experience in that male-dominated world and asserts that there is beauty in a diverse government. She emphasizes the fact that in order for women for attain these positions, they must first develop the confidence needed to win them: “Women just have to have the confidence, taking inventory of what they have accomplished, whether it’s being a mom, being a teacher, being a small business woman, being in the military—whatever it happens to be, whatever combination of experiences, place a gold star on all of it.” All in all, she stresses how important these characteristics are and how they can truly foster change for aspiring female politicians.


For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

What are some ways we can help women develop confidence in themselves?


Action Item:

On a piece of paper, write one leadership goal that is realistic and attainable. Below that, list two things holding you back and three things you need to achieve this.



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