Nebraskan Community of Female Veterans Honored in Washington DC


Over 100 female veterans from Nebraska were celebrated for their service in Washington DC on Monday 24th September. The women not only spent the day together in the capital, but also had a pre-flight meal to meet each other. Everyone on the flight, from the pilot to the photographer, were female. Many had no idea that so many other veterans lived in their community, or even that people lived near them who had actually worked with them in the past. The group took a tour of memorials and landmarks in Washington DC before being flown home the same night. The range of women was wide, with the age range going all the way from 27 to 98 years old. This event, organised by Patriotic Productions, is evidence of how communities can be found even amongst unlikely faces in your own neighbourhood. The happiness expressed by these women also underlines the strength that can be found in having solidarity with another group of people.

For Further Reading:

Find out more about the work that Patriotic Productions do for veterans from all demographics here.

Discussion Question:

What other hidden communities might exist in your local area?

Action Item:

Take the time to thank someone you know who dedicated their time and energy to serving their country.


Read more on 3 News Now | Image: Howard Lawrence B