Netflix Documentary City of Joy Promotes Female Empowerment Through Sexual Education


A new Netflix documentary, City of Joy, follows the recovery process of female rape and abuse survivors in Bukavu, a city in the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of the most compelling aspects of their story is the initiative of the aptly named “City of Joy” to provide these brave women with quality sex education, helping them learn more about their own bodies and how to protect themselves. Their lessons include self-defense techniques and business coaching, as well as public speaking and writing practice. City of Joy cultivates a safe educational environment that many of the students have never encountered before. Their sex education focuses the significance of a woman’s intuition and ownership of her body. By assisting these survivors through their physical and psychological rehabilitation, City of Joy encourages women to take control of their own recovery and future life.


For Further Reading:

Check out the official website for City of Joy. It includes blog posts, photography, and additional information about the brave women recovering in Bukavu.

Discussion Question:

Did you receive sexual education in your school growing up? If so, did it include lessons that empowered women’s ownership over their bodies?


Action Item:

This page from the City of Joy website includes great initiatives you can take part in to help with their cause. Some of the most accessible actions: educate yourself on the war in the Congo, which is the root of many of these women’s trauma, or donate to City of Joy, because every cent counts towards the rehabilitation of a strong woman.



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