New Feminist Ambassador Position Assigned in Canada


In Canada, a new ambassador position has been created to help accelerate women’s progress in the liberal country. A government position solely dedicated to women will help support specific issues that are often overlooked in the Canadian Parliament. This position was created as a result of a two-day summit in Montreal that brought various women together to discuss issues that affect them, such as gender-based violence and women’s political involvement.

For Further Reading:

To learn about what the Canadian government is doing to assist women, click here.


Discussion Question:

Does your home country or city have a similar government position dedicated to women? If not, how is your government supporting (or not supporting) women’s rights?


Action Item:

Identify ways that your local government could get involved in women’s rights issues. When you’ve gathered enough facts and evidence, contact your local representative to voice your opinion.  


Read more on National Post |  Image: Paul Chiasson/CP