New Institute Provides Sex-Ed For Korean Students


Lala School is a new sex education institute trying to improve sex education in Korea. Their aim is to empower young people and adults to make informed decisions about their sex lives. Founder Shin Yeon-jeong was motivated by her realization that Korean society often appeared to her as people masquerading in roles they thought they should play, rather than doing what they actually want to do. Together with her colleagues Lee Su-ji and Roh Ha-yeon, they sought to help people find roles that don’t create discomfort for any participants. There is special priority given to gender equality and sexual autonomy. The school aims to move between districts with their classes to reach the maximum number of schools. The empowerment of young people with regard to their own bodies strengthens the community as a whole for the future. These teachers demonstrate the potential impact of a few individuals on the whole when inspired by a determined purpose.

For Further Reading:

Check out their Facebook page to keep up with the school’s activities. 

Discussion Question:

What do you wish had been included in your own sex-ed classes?  

Action Item:

Take the time to have a conversation with a friend or family member about safe sex or something else to do with sexual behavior that you’re unsure about. Being educated about sex, regardless of your sexuality or activity, is vital in making sure you can make informed decisions about your life.



Read more on Korea Herald | Image: Lim Jeong-yeo, The Korea Herald