No More Tampon Tax for Nevada


After the recent state ballot measure vote, Nevada has become the tenth American state to exempt menstrual products from sales tax. The measure will make menstrual products more affordable and represents an important step towards menstrual equity in America. Low-income children, incarcerated folks, and homeless people with periods need the economic burden of menstrual products to be lifted. Countries all over the world are starting to introduce more equitable and affordable laws surrounding menstruation. Kenya is at the forefront of this battle with its free import of pads policy instituted in 2011. The economics of menstruation are crucial in ensuring everyone’s right to safety, hygiene, and health.

For Further Reading

To find out more about the role of politics when it comes to menstruation, you can read this interesting article published in The New York Times.


Discussion Question

Are menstrual products free at your school/college/workplace? If not, do you think they should be?


Action Item

PERIOD. is a great organization that fights to end period poverty. Find out ways to get involved with them here.


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