No Such Thing as Winter Vaginas: Dr. Jen Gunter Explains


Recently, former NHS midwife Mary Burke warned women against the dangers that winter poses to vaginas. According to Burke, vaginas enter a “drought mode” due to the drop in temperature, which supposedly makes vaginas drier. Gynecologist, obstetrician, and vaginal health expert Dr. Jen Gunter promptly debunked the myth that air and temperature affect the moisture of the vagina and expressed her frustration for the misinformation and myths that surround female genitalia. Dr. Gunter emphasized how pseudoscience and sexism often overlap in popular media, spreading inaccurate messages that could harm women and people with vaginas everywhere. The doctor assures that there is no such thing as a “winter vagina,” and that vaginal moisture has nothing to do with the environment.

For Further Reading

You can read Dr. Gunther’s scientific debunking of seasonal vaginas right here.

Discussion Question

Why do you think it’s so easy to spread misinformation about vaginas?

Action Item

Educate those around you on the truth about “seasonal” vaginas. Debunking myths around our genitals can help us better understand and accept our own bodies.


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