Not 30% Challenges Gender Discrimination in Art World


Tackling gender bias in creative fields, Not 30% is the most recent site to be launched in The Other Art Fair. In protest to the disproportion of female and male artists shown in exhibitions and collections, the site is dedicated wholly to showcasing women’s work. According to the project Gallery Tally, only 30% of artists represented in galleries are women, yet 60% of art school graduates are women. Curator Kate Bryan plans to make changes to these statistics. With a wide range of artists, the goal is to create a safe space where creatives can get exposure and tackle a male dominated industry. Not 30% will take place October 4-7 at Old Central St. Martins in London, England.

For Further Reading:

Learn more about Not 30% and The Other Art Fair.


Discussion Question:

Think of your favorite work of art- was it done by a woman or a man?


Action Item:

Next time you are at a gallery, see how many of the artworks are created by women in comparison to men.



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